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  • Is watercolor and watercolor paint the same?
    No! Watercolor is made on a synthetic basis. The colors are mostly liquid or in brush pens. They are brighter and more brilliant than watercolors and can be redissolved with water and painted over after drying. These colors can be easily erased with brushEX® and the erased area can be painted over again after drying. High-quality watercolour is often made from earth and ground semi-precious stones (e.g. lapis lazuli = ultramarine blue). The brushEX® cannot erase these natural colours. Another property of high-quality watercolor paint is that it can no longer really be dissolved after it has dried. With these colors you can, for example, work in the glaze technique without the underlying color blurring. With brushEX®, watercolor paint can only be lightened while it is still wet - depending on the execution of the paint - but not completely erased.
  • What is the difference between »brushEX®« and »brushEX watercolor«?
    »brushEX® watercolor« contains less of the extinguishing agent, but instead fixing agent. brushEX® watercolor brightens the painted area and erases small dots in the colored area. So that these points (or stars in a galaxy) do not immediately run into each other again, the liquid contains the fixing agent.
  • Can you also buy »brushEX®« in a shop?
    brushEX® is also available from modulor in the online shop and in the shop in Berlin as well as from boesner. In Switzerland you can get brushEX® products from
  • Can the liquid be filled into any water tank brush?
    In principle yes, but you may not be satisfied with the result. The brushEX® erasing brush has special bristles that gently apply the liquid to the paper and thus protect it from being rubbed through. In addition, the erasing brush has a special cap that protects against leakage and evaporation.
  • Can »brushEX®« also be used to remove stains from clothing?
    brushEX® is only suitable for use on paper.
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